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Leadx Removals is a company widely established and recognized for reliability and efficiency in the provision of office, house, and rubbish removals in Swansea city. Being in the industry for the longest time, we deeply understand and have proper knowledge of running the removal services efficiently. We take our job very seriously by sourcing and hiring professional employees. Leadx has partnered immensely with various organizations from learning institutions, government firms, and charitable homes to privately owned businesses.

Our service is available at any time of the day or night with an excellent supportive customer care service attending to the client’s calls. With the emergence of new technology from to time, we keep up with the latest developments by organizing training conferences for our staff. Leadx Removals is accredited by the British Association of Removals to provide house and office removals in Swansea. As a company, we strictly observe the rules and regulations stipulated in the Agreement.

Being certified by the BAR wins confidence from the majority of our customers for they are sure of receiving high standard services. When executing our services, we ensure clients possessions are handled with extra care. The company provides free packaging materials for the office and house removals in Swansea. With a wide array fleet of vehicles, we can accommodate bulky household and office furniture efficiently. Our company has invested in the latest trucks with fork cranes lifting heavy equipment like internet servers and power backup generators. 

Our entire staff is courteous and always neatly dressed in Leadx Removals uniform. They execute their duties with enthusiasm and prompt results. Any office planning to move to a bigger premise come for our services. Our flexibility with office removals is preferred by the majority of business owners in Swansea. We hardly disrupt companies from their working program simply by, planning for the office relocation over the weekend. The majority of office in Swansea remains on these two particulars days leaving us with an excellent opportunity of running the task.

For additional safety, we provide insurance for the household and office items in transit. Therefore, with our service, we guarantee the customers maximum protection of their property. We have the best technical team handling all removable furniture. They disassemble and assemble the fitting back leaving no single scratches or dents on the furniture. Waste disposal is a service demanding attention from residents in Swansea city. Leadx Removals offers great rubbish removal solution and advocates for eco-friendly services.

The company works with the best machinery in the market and latest garbage trucks with the new mechanism of collecting waste. We dispose of the waste appropriately by recycling and throwing any other unrecyclable rubbish into the landfills. The company handles all kind of waste including hazardous from the large commercial industries. Leadx Removals has earned an excellent reputation from customers recommending our services to new clients. Our main goal is providing satisfactory house, office, and rubbish removals services in Swansea without any discrimination. For more information on our services, call on the telephone.

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